Kylie Jenner ‘laughs offs’ theory claiming bodyguard is secretly Stormi’s dad


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are reportedly laughing their heads off at the latest crazy Kardashian-Jenner Konspiracy that is suggesting the 20-year-old’s bodyguard,Tim Chung fathered their baby, Stormi Webster.
After months of theorist speculating that her ex Tyga helped conceive her three-month-old fans have now pointed their fingers at the most unlikely suspect.

Though a source recently told Hollywood Life that Kylie and Travis are apparently laughing at the suggestion. The insider said:

‘Kylie thinks it’s hilarious that fans think her bodyguard could be her baby daddy and not Travis. Travis even got a huge kick out of it and laughed at the outrageous meme. ‘Babies can look like anyone when they’re that young, so Kylie and Travis think it is stupid that people are drawing that connection and haven’t even given it a second thought.’


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