Kourtney Kardashian’s Lifestyle: Kendal Tells Ellen Kourtney is not leaving the show completely


The eldest KarJenner sibling, Kourtney Kardashian , has typically been pretty low-key. However, following some explosive arguments that she’s had with her sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian , the Poosh founder has been thrust into the spotlight. Things got even more intense when she announced her decision to step away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

After she turned 40 in April 2019, Kardashian has started to reevaluate the things that are most important to her. Apparently, that doesn’t involve KUTWK .

During Season 17 of the series, Khloé Kardashian asked her older sister an important question : “Are you happy? I feel like you are like redirecting your anxiety and stress or whatever it is on your party or maybe turning a little older, I don’t know.” The mom of three replied, “I feel like turning 40… It almost makes you analyze like, where you’re at in your life.”

Meanwhile, It looks like Kardashian has decided that outside of being a mother and businesswoman, she’s ready to live her best life .

Despite all of the hoopla and drama surrounding her stepping back from the show — Mason, Reign and Penelope’s mom is not leaving the reality series completely.

“I think Kourtney kind of has boundaries, which is totally understandable,” Kendall Jenner explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show . “I think to answer your question a little further, I’ve always kind of not let my personal life entirely on the show so it’s just kind of always been a thing for me, but for Kourtney, she did at one point let her personal life be on the show so now it’s a bit more shift, I guess, for everyone to understand.”