Kolawole Ajeyemi Reveals The Truth Behind His Alleged Marriage To Toyin Abraham

toyin-abrahams-fiance-kolawole Ajeyemi

Speaking on his alleged marriage to Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham who is said to be pregnant as well, actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi has shared more insight into the union.

Kolawole Ajeyemi(L) Toyin(R)

The actor has bluntly denied such rumours stating that he and Toyin got married secretly. He blamed the action of spreading the rumours on fake bloggers and issued a warning to them stating that they desist from spreading wrong information about him.

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Kolawole sternly declared that ignorance is worse than illiteracy adding that when one is considered an illiterate, there is still hope of learning and acquiring knowledge. He stressed further saying that when one is ignorant they think they know it all but sadly they are most times so wrong and off point. He said, 

 ”FAKE BLOGGERS. It’s a very bad thing to publicly use peoples pictures and mentioning their names in your Wrong assumption. Sometimes it’s easy to get pissed off at these set of people but what I feel for them now is just a mere pity”

Kolawole Ajeyemi (L) Toyin Abraham(R)

He admonished further that according to God’s Word, we should love one another, don’t do things that will pull down a fellow human down Mentally, emotionally and spiritually

He concluded by giving final advice to bloggers saying they should ensure they carry out proper findings before sending wrong information to the general public. He also warned that they should desist from posting his pictures and mentioning his name except they want to invoke God’s wrath. He said,

How can you be so lazy in brain not to makes findings before spreading your dirty rumours? Fine!! There is freedom of speech but freedom after speech is not certain….let’s be guided”.