Kindhearted jogger gives away shoes to homeless man, walks away barefoot

kind jogger gives away shoes to homeless man

A kind US jogger has left social media users in complete awe after taking off his shoes and handing them to a homeless man.

After his act of kindness, the Good Samaritan walked away bare feet on Sunday, August 18.

In a viral Twitter video shared by Antonella212, the aging chap who was trekking in the busy New York streets walked with no care as he let his feet touch the dusty pavement.

The kind jogger who thought no one was watching had been running before bumping into a homeless guy seated on the streets.

He then stood for a while, took off his shoes and handed them over to the man who sat on the cold floor.

The pair had a brief exchange before the jogger walked away with nothing on his feet.

The video left people in tears and what most netizens said is they had a newly found respect for humanity.

Most people sang his praises and hoped that one day, they would get a chance to follow his footsteps.

To them, kindness is not dead instead, it is just rare.