Kim Kardashian shares story of her grandma’s first marriage which lasted just 2 months and jokes about how similar it is to her second marriage with Kris Humphries which lasted 72 days


Kim Kardashian had a lavish wedding ceremony when she tied the knot with Kris Humphries but it lasted just 72 days before they went their separate ways.

She has now shared a photo of her grandma MJ on her first wedding day while joking that, just like her, her grandma’s first marriage lasted only two and a half months.

She wrote:

I just found this pic of my beautiful grandma MJ at her 1st wedding. It lasted just 2.5 months and her family spent all they had on this wedding. She felt so bad but followed her heart. Kinda sounds familiar lol She’s always taught me to follow my heart and do what I want to do no matter what! I love you MJ (and how much does Kendall look like MJ!!!)