Kim Kardashian blasts ‘Get out’ Kanye West memes


Kim Kardashian didn’t see the funny side of were the various memes circling the internet that compare husband Kanye West to the main character from Get Out.

During a video for Elle magazine, she said it was dumb and stupid for people to joke about her family capturing Kanye West.

‘People are so fc king dumb and stupid,’ raged the 37-year-old reality TV star about the jokes.

According to Mailonline, the star was referring to a recent trend of comparing the Power rapper to Daniel Kaluuya’s main character from Get Out.

The Oscar winning film centers around an African-American man who spends a weekend with his white girlfriend’s parents, only to learn that the entire family habitually prey on young black men like himself.

The memes typically compare the Kardashian clan to the girlfriend’s predatory family – a fact that clearly upsets Kim.


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