Kim Kardashian attacked over what she did after Kobe death


The popular celebrity star and wife to Kanye West an America rapper and business man has been blasted by her own fan. Few hours after the death of the Lakers and the United states of America basket ball legend was announce to the world. Kim joined troops of sympathizers all over the world to mourn the death of a great icon and his daughter who both lost their live in a helicopter crash.

Shortly after that, Kim took to her social media page to advertise her new body perfume which she will be lunching very soon. But instead of her fans to be excited about the new products from the celeb, reverse is the case as the was a backlash from them with many of the fans showing their displeasure in what Kim has done. Some saying this isn’t the right time to be advertising as the whole world most especially USA is mourning the demise of one of their finest legend.

Some said she’s not been honest with her message where she say “I am really heartbroken right after hearing the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter”. That she shouldn’t have post the advert if truly she really meant what she posted.