Keyshia Cole tells story of her difficult childhood to warn mothers about leaving their kids with men they just met


With a rise in the death of infants and toddlers in the hands of their mothers’ boyfriends, singer Keyshia Cole has disclosed that her case might have turned out the same. She’s now warning mothers about leaving their kids with men they “just met”.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Keyshia told of how her father was absent and her drug addict mother always left her alone with men. Luckily for her, a kind family adopted her and took good care of her.

Sharing a photo of a child with tears in her eyes, Keyshia wrote: “Maybe it’s because I went thought A lot as a child, With a Father I didn’t kno, and a Biological Mother who was Absentee because of drug use… , I feel ALL of THIS 100% !!!!!! babies DID NOT ASK To BE HERE!!!! If you can Not PROTECT and PROVIDE, And I kno, YOU (Don’t have to be RICH, to do so)ALL IM SAYING, Is u gotta try to be, mentally prepared to take some sacrifices when it comes to YOUR CHILD!!!!!! If NOT, PLEASE PLEASE!!! Take precautionary steps with birth control, before you Ruin a life, u can’t be there for!! SO SICK OF THESE CHILDREN DYING!!!! And thankful I wasn’t one them?? My adopted family took very good care of me, thankful for that, BUT MY LIFE COULD’VE PLAYED OUT, Very differently. And I THANK GOD, he ALWAYS HAD MY BACK!!!!!! ?? But there were things that went down, and things I seen, that I shouldn’t have. PERIOD. Parents BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN!”


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