Kevin Hart admits Quarantine Is the first time he’s actually been there for his wife’s pregnancy


Despite the unfortunate circumstances that has been recorded to the pandemic outbreak, it might have presented some forms of silver lining for some homes as families, especially the heads, are now somewhat compelled to spend quality time with other members.

Kevin Hart’s case isn’t so different; for the first time in a very long time, he’s able to be there through his second wife’s pregnancy and also being there for his kids.

His wife, Eniko Parrish is carrying their second child together and he admits never been around the whole nine months of pregnancy, not even with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart. This was due to the nature of his job, he claims.

He further describes this first-time experience as being fun and also of ‘mixed-emotions’, mood swings, I presume.

Despite acknowledging his pregnant wife’s experience isn’t all rosy, he said he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight about the perks of being stuck at home, he said the best thing about it was the continued time with his wife and kids and being at home actually had been unreal. He never knew what it was like, even with his ex-wife.

But now, he’s learning to play by the “home rules” and a few “crash course” from his wife; a good tip someone tending a pregnant woman, you don’t want to get on their nerves.

Kevin Hart, hopefully, will soon be a father of four. He shares a daughter and son with ex-wife Torrei, and a young son with Eniko.