Kenya deports five Nigerian nationals over alleged drug trafficking and online scams

Five Nigerian nationals have been deported from Kenya and declared persona non grata due to their alleged involvement in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking in the country.

The five; Olayiwola Saheed Tunde, Nwosu Prince Chukwuebuka, Ajibade Adewale, Nwanonaku Alexander Odirachukwumma and Olayiwola Babatunde Akintomwawere, were deported by the Directorate of Immigration Services on March 18, 2024.

“The Investigations Department reported that some of the foreigners, had even sneaked back into the country after being declared persona non grata and deported in 2023,” a source at Nyayo House told Citizen Digital.

“They had become nuisance to the public and to us, as law enforcement.”

According to the Immigration Department Tunde, is a known drug trafficker who was in the country illegally while Chukwuebuka was apprehended with 1 million dollars in counterfeit bills, along with 11 fake Nigerian passports and 3 fake Kenyan passports.

Adewale and Odirachukwumma, identified as known drug dealers, were also in the country illegally while Akintomwa, aside from being involved in drug trafficking, was known for engaging in online scams.

The Immigration department further states that Nigerian nationals previously deported from Kenya, find themselves in neighbouring Tanzania where they continue coordinating criminal activities in Kenya in collaboration with their counterparts in the country.

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