Kenya bans people with high blood pressure from driving


Kenya has taken far reaching steps to stop people with some health conditions, including high blood pressure, from driving.

Those with high blood pressure are among those who may not be allowed to have a driver’s licence.

The country’s National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) released the new driving curriculum with recommendation of mandatory medical tests for epilepsy, high blood pressure, sight and hearing problems for all drivers.

According to the new curriculum, drivers are supposed to renew their licences every 10 years, and only after submitting a medical report,The Kenyan Standard reports.

However, motorists above 60 years must submit a medical report every year.The medical tests will also include a range of brain-related conditions and diseases that disable mobility and muscle movement such as stroke.

In the curriculum, eye conditions lead a long list of mandatory medical tests for new drivers as well as old ones seeking licence renewals.

According to NTSA Deputy Director in charge of safety, Dr, Duncan Kibogong, some conditions will lead to automatic disqualification.

“For epilepsy, it is a no. The fact is, no one, including the driver, has any idea when the seizures can occur,” said Dr Kibogong.

The medical tests will also include the drivers’ heart condition as well as sleep, alcohol and drug-related disorders.

Kibogong said NTSA would work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that only those who were fit were allowed on the road.


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