Kemi Olunloyo Talks Trash About Linda Ikeji Son


Kemi aka Ms.KemKem continues slandering Linda Ikeji child for advertising revenue.

Today Kemi posted another blatantly obvious passive aggressive post about Linda Ikeji son.

Kemi is upset Linda is posting fresh updates about celebrities and Kemi is missing her opportunity in the spotlight.

All of this is because BBnaija is trending on twitter.

Kemi is trying desperately to capture the younger demographic in Nigeria’s attention, she is beginning to look very desperate.

To attack another blogger is one thing, mocking a child is completely innapropriate.

Kemi Is trying to keep the discussion about her and Linda Ikeji relevant during a time Linda is getting a lot of positive attention for posting fresh gist.

How kemi thinks she is any way comparable to any of the people she attacks is laughable