Kemi Olunloyo caught lying about chiomas baby

Kemi Olunloyo

Everytime a celebrity is trending on twitter Kemi olunloyo tries very hard to make the topic about herself.

If you pay attention to 9jablog and Linda Ikejes social media accounts Kemi olunloyo will try to inject herself into the conversation.

On 9/11 Kemi was working on the pentagons grounds at a pharmacy that did not exist on 9/11 2001.

Kemi claims to have been will smiths neighbour in Philadelphia at a time when Kemi was not even living in Philadelphia, Kemi was living in newtown Georgia.

Her newest chase for clout seems to be trying to involve herself in davido and chiomas relationship, this time it’s blown up in her face, again

First Kemi claimed chioma was pregnant after Linda posted it first, now to beat Linda to the punch Kemi tried to claim chioma has had her baby

When major newspapers ran stories claiming chioma was pregnant Kemi received a lot of negative attention calling her a liar.

Recently davido posted a video of him and chioma and chioma is still pregnant, what does Kemi do?

She tries to claim she was talking about a DIFFERENT chioma lmao she really has lost her mind

You can see how desperate Kemi is to explain all of this away, she is upset because social media in Nigeria is calling her a fraud.

Kemi olunloyo is nothing more than a keyboard warrior desperate to be accepted in celebrities circles

I especially like how she explains how she found out by “being at a celebrities house when davido called about his baby”

When Kemi is being accused of wrong doing She is never personally responsible, she tries to claim everything is third party information

When she got slammed in prison, it wasn’t her she was just posting something someone sent her

When she got mocked online after posting timidakolos address it wasn’t her someone sent it to her

When davido made fun of Kemi for trying to blackmail him it wasn’t Kemi it was someone else using her account

When Kemi spent 5 years calling igbos tribalists and her father raped her, it wasnt her someone broke in and stole all her computer equipment and continued using her social media handles for another 5 years lol

When Kemis sister and mother almost beat her to death in her own driveway, it wasn’t Kemi it was another Kemi olunloyo

Kemis real name is Olukemi “ajoke” Olunloyo

I think it’s very fitting