“Keep your phones down when people need help” – Verydarkman speaks

Controversial social media activist Very Dark Man had a few cents to shares about Junior Pope’s boating accident that eventually took his life.

Very Dark Man started off by saying that people don’t have any respect for humanity, and that the fact that a lot of social media platforms are paying people for content has made them disrespectful of humanity.

He said that people were more concerned about making money from content by making analysis of Junior Pope’s death, instead of sending condolence messages to the wife of the fallen actor.

Speaking on the current generation, Very Dark Man stated that they were a lost cause because they are more concerned about reporting things on social media. He insinuated that Junior Pope would’ve been saved if not for the fact that people were more concerned about posting and reporting on his current state.

Very Dark Man also said that next time, if someone needs help, people should keep their phones down and focus on helping the person in need.

A movie producer called Stanley also made it to Very Dark Man’s cut, and a clip from a video where he was talking about Junior Pope’s death was attached. The producer claimed that Junior Pope was taken to a native doctor, who performed some rituals on him, and later asked that he should be taken to the hospital.

Very Dark Man stated that Stanley should be arrested because there was a time window where they would’ve taken Junior Pope to the hospital, instead of searching for a native doctor. He said that there’s no way a native doctor was on stand by at the river, so Junior Pope could’ve been saved if not for the delay.

Finally, Very Dark Man spoke on the issue of the producer of the movie where Junior Pope died. There’s an ongoing movement for the producer to be banned from making movies. Very Dark Man disagreed with the proposal and faulted Junior Pope and the rest of the crew for not wearing life jackets that were provided on set.

Video below….

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