Keep trying but let your brag match your work says Toyin Lawani to haters who called her out

Fashion stylist, Toyin Lawani

It was hot yesterday between Nigerian celebrity designer and the boy she trained who has grown and is presently the foremost stylist in Nigeria.

His name is Swanky Jerry and he styles the likes of Mercy Ekeh,Ike Onyeoma , Mike and others.

Toyin Lawani who is good at saying her mind describes the best dressed winners of AMVCA7 as jokes.And those winners were Mike of BBNaija and Mercy Ekeh the BBNaija 2019 Winner.

The reason for the quarell was Toyin calling Mercy whom he styled for the event a joke.

Their quarell was so thick as they kept using unnecessary words on themselves.

Some people felt Swanky Jerry was not loyal enough for insulting his former boss.

Hours later Toyin put up a post to remind Swanky that she is not old and tired.

In the video she made she recounted training Swanky Jerry and made him stand out . Calling him silly she said she has the right to her opinion.

According to her she preferred the winner could have been Nana Addo .

But looking at it Mercy has a huge fan base who voted her in while Nana’s fan base is not that huge.

Do you think Swanky Jerry was been disrespectful for insulting his former boss publicly no matter what she did?