Kcee Angrily Reply His Fans Who Accused Him Of Always Showing E-Moneys Properties


Nigerian singer, Kcee has a good relationship with his brother to extend they do things together,
Kcee fans ask him to show his house not every time he will be showing his brothers properties.

Hahaha this was funny and a challenge to Kcee Limpopo, so he couldn’t keep quiet he has to reply the young man by telling him if his brother is dead,let him boast with his brothers properties too.

Kcee made his fans to regret his comment which he couldn’t reply Kcee again.

Kcee has his own beautiful house but is not everybody that like showing themselves or showing their investment.

Kcee has built house in difference area even the one him and his brother E-money built in they village is awesome.

Below are they exchange