Katy Perry reveals her relationship with Orlando Bloom has ‘friction’


Katy Perry stunned the world after announcing her pregnancy with beau Orlando Bloom earlier this week.

In an interview to On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the singer has revealed she has friction with Orlando in their relationship.

“There’s a lot of friction between my partner and I,” she said, “But, that friction breeds something beautiful. It can breed a lot of light.”

Katy also shed light on her journey of almost three years with Orlando. “I’m glad I’ve been able to come out the other side of this incredible journey that’s almost been 12 years of being in the spotlight and I’m really profoundly grateful that I’m not hooked on drugs or I’m not a huge alcoholic,” she said.

“I’ve got my head on my shoulders. I have compassion for anyone that’s going through that, but being in this industry will turn you into an insane person if you let it,” she added.

Katy also said that she has been hiding her baby bump for months, but now that the news is out, she doesn’t have to do it anymore.

“OMG so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore,” Katy tweeted on March 5, shortly after sharing her baby news in her new music video Never Worn White. “Or carry around a big purse lol,” she quipped.