Katherine Jenkins was robbed in street after heroically stepping in to try to stop violent girl gang attacking elderly woman


Singer Katherine Jenkins was left shaken up and in tears after she intervened in a street robbery, only to then fall victim to a mugging herself.

The 39-year-old was on her way to perform at the Straubenzee Memorial charity carol service at St Luke’s Church when she witnessed a street theft in London yesterday. She had been walking down King’s Road in Chelsea at about 3.15pm, on her way to the event, and witnessed an old woman being mugged.

Jenkins then stepped in to help the woman, in what witnesses described as an “extremely violent” incident.

As a result of her intervention, she was mugged too.

The singer was visibly close to tears as she waited for officers to arrive at the scene. When police arrived, she helped them to identify the thieves. She was seen giving details to the officers as shoppers walked by.

Two 15-year-old girls were arrested on suspicion of robbery, the Metropolitan Police said.

Three officers led away one suspect wearing a hooded jumper and trainers, who appeared to be protesting. A second girl wearing glasses was also seen in handcuffs near the scene as police spoke to her by the entrance to a building. One of the suspected attackers was then put in the back of a van, which drove off with its lights flashing.