Kardashian Spent US$ 5.7 Million on Land, But Ate Cheap KFC with Her Husband in Paris?

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Kim Kardashian has always been a big spender. Recently, Kardashian and her husband bought a 2-acre plot of land in Palm Springs, costing US$ 5.7 Million. According to a report in the Daily Mail on February 20, Kardashian and her husband came to Paris for a short trip. The day after they arrived in France, they had to leave in a hurry. It was very sweet to eat fried chicken on the way.

Although the journey was in a hurry, we should not forget the beauty. Kardashian was wearing a pop-style long skirt with a round shape of various colors. The beauty was stunning. She was sitting on her side in a chair, her proud figure was more charming, and she did not feel that Kardashian was 39 years old this year. She matched the grey socks and boots with the black long straight hairstyle to better set off the dazzling long skirt.

Every time Kardashian goes out with her husband, she turns into a little woman. When choosing the type of fried chicken, Kardashian stands beside her husband with her legs crossed and coquetry, looking like a little girl.