Kanye West is not well, I feel very bad for him-Wendy Williams


Talk show host,Wendy Williams has insisted Kanye West is mentally ill.
During a Q&A session for New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival on Saturday, Wendy Williams said the rapper is “in the throes,” but that she wishes him well.

“I think that mental illness is something that is so real. A lot of people in jail right now, if they could’ve just gotten through some mental illness counseling, [wouldn’t be incarcerated],” Williams said. “As long as I’m here and you’re listening, I will tell you I feel very, very bad for Kanye West.”

She continued,

“His father is nowhere in the picture, his mom passed away trying to beautify herself to be a stage mom. I’m not going to talk about his wife, his family, or anything like that. But what I will tell you is that he’s not well. That is the very foundation of everything he says. He’s not well. I wish him well,” Page Six quotes.


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