Kanye West irks fans with his ungentlemanlike behaviour towards Kim Kardashian


Kanye West, American rapper, faces heat from social media users over his uncouth move towards his wife Kim Kardashian in an elevator as he left her to carry all their bags following a romantic moment.

Kim and West, who are very active on social media and having massive fan followings, were caught on camera when they were returning from shopping in Paris.

The moment, which annoyed people, occurred in an elevator in Paris soon after an adorable smooch between the couple, drawing people’s anger as Kanye, for a moment, did not think to help the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star carry the sizable shopping bags.

Naturally, roasting ensued, with one Twitter user writing: “Lmaooo the way Kanye left Kim in the elevator.”

Another added: “But why Kanye leave kim in the elevator with all the bags.”