Kanayo Kanayo seeks advice for fan who is scared to meet him because of his money rituals movie role

Legendary Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo has sought advice from his thousands of fans over a scary fan of him who is afraid of meeting him because of his money ritual movie role.

The veteran, via his Instagram page, had shared a screenshot of the fan’s message to him.

He noted how growing up, Nollywood painted Kanayo as an unrepentant and cheerful ritualist, and as a child, he grew up with that mentality about him.

Despite being a grown man now, he is still afraid of him and doesn’t know why.

He stated that he can’t eat on the same plate with Kanayo, note even seat close to him, for fear that he could be used for rituals.

In a message to the actor, he stated that he needs a total rebranding as he learnt that Kanayo is a good man.

Reacting Kanayo asked for advice for him.

“Dear Friends, please advise this man”.

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