Kaduna beggars disappear as Naira scarcity persists

Daily Post reports that beggars have disappeared from sight in parts of Kaduna State.

The beggars along the popular Kano Road, Kaduna Central Market, and some elderly foreign nationals with their children plying the popular Ahmadu Bello Way, begging for alms, have disappeared since the new currency issues began.

Although in 2021/2022, the Kaduna State Government built a permanent abode for beggars and took them off the streets, many complained of being hidden from the public, who may want to give them gifts.

As a result, they left the apartments for Kano road, Ahmadu Bello Way, Makarfi Plaza and some notable places.

However, following the Naira redesign policy of the Federal Government, several beggars, including some Nigeriens, are no longer seen asking for alms as usual.

Speaking to DAILY POST in Kaduna, one of the beggars, Mallam Nasir Idris, said unlike in the past, when he realised over N3,000 daily, now all the customers are asking for an account number he does not have.

“Most customers who assisted me in the past, cry of scarcity of money. Those who give me N200 before, ended up asking me for account number, which I don’t have.” He said.

Also, Isah Jibril, a beggar at Taiwo road who relocated to the permanent abode built for them by the state government, told DAILY POST that for two weeks, he had not made N200.

According to him, some good Samaritans bring food for them in the morning or evening.

He lamented that life is difficult, and prayed to God to help soften the hardship experienced across the country.

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