Justin Bieber shares photos of himself in tears

American Pop star, Justin Bieber shares a vulnerable side of himself in tears, causing mixed feelings from fans who expressed concerns about his mental wellbeing.

The 30-year-old singer took to Instagram multiple times over the weekend, posting various photo collections.

These included snapshots from his unexpected appearance at Coachella, where he performed during Tems‘ set. Additionally, there were images of Justin playing golf, relaxing on the beach, smoking, and trying on different sneakers.

However, two particular posts caught the attention of fans; close-up selfies showing Justin visibly crying.

In these photos, the pop star gazed directly at the camera, looking deeply troubled, and then zoomed in to capture a tear rolling down his cheek.

Justin didn’t provide any captions for his posts or offer an explanation for his tears, leading to concern among his followers.

They commented with expressions of worry and support, asking why he was crying and offering reassurance: “Why are you crying, though?”, “Justin, we are here for you, brother,” “Are you okay, bro?”, and “I hope you’re doing okay; I hate seeing tears on your face.”

Some speculated that rumours of a split between Justin and his wife Hailey might be the cause, with comments like “Is this a sign?” and “He’s asking for help, people.”

Justin and Hailey, 27, have been married since 2018 but have faced ongoing speculation about the state of their relationship.

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