Justin Bieber returns to Dogpound gym with his wife Hailey


Justin Bieber had his workout cut short at his go-to gym Dogpound last week after Taylor Swift rented out the entirety of the space for herself.

But the pop star and his wife were back at the popular gym on Saturday.

Hailey, 23 was spotted inside working out, while her husband was spotted driving outside of the gym before heading to dance practice.

Hailey showed off her toned physique in a black sports bra and matching spandex gym shorts.

She finished off her ensemble with a pair of white Nike sneakers with yellow detailing.

Noticeably makeup free, the model gave gym goers a look at her enviable complexion.

The 23-year-old threw her signature blonde tresses up into a neat bun, which showed off her dainty gold hoop earrings.

She waited patiently amongst a hoard of gym patrons who were moving from weight machine to weight machine.

The couple’s attendance at Dogpound raised some major eyebrows, since TMZ broke the story that Justin was recently ‘asked to leave’ the gym.

The impromptu kick-out came about after employees were informed that none other than Taylor Swift had booked the entire gym for herself that afternoon.

Bieber, along with the rest of the gym patrons present in the space, were asked to vacate due to Swift and her crews’ impending arrival.

However, Justin’s team held strong and insisted he continue exercising when they were approached.

Justin reportedly did not know it was Taylor with the appointment, but was able to finish his workout – which was mostly just him dancing around and goofing off.

Justin posted video on his social media of him dancing to his new track Yummy on social media.

‘Justin [had] rolled up without an appointment [that day],’ revealed a source close to the gym to MailOnline.

He was asked to leave by the gym because they had other appointments.’

Dogpound is well known as being a ‘private gym’ that revolves around time slots and appointments.

Just this morning, Justin was spotted down the road from the infamous gym looking rather green as he enjoyed a weekend dance rehearsal.