“Just like Joseph, every lie told against you shall work in your favor” – Sarah Martins says powerful prayer for Judy Austin amidst saga with May Edochie

Sarah Martins, the bestfriend of actress and Yul Edochie’s wife, Judy Austin has said a powerful word of prayer for her.

The upcoming actress, who is currently in the midst of a lawsuit with May Edochie, has prayed against her enemies.

Sharing a stunning photo of Judy Austin, Sarah made reference to how the lies told by Potiphar’s wife led to Joseph’s promotion.

In that same faith, Sarah prayed that any lies told against Judy shall work in her favor.

She went on to sing her praises as she hailed her for being beautiful, resilient, wise, supportive and having peace of mind.

“The lies of Potiphar’s wife told against Joseph led to his promotion.
Every lie told against you shall work in your favor.
Beauty, Resilient, Wise, Supportive, Peace of mind. Nwanyi Manaria. Ass nwunye Odogwu”.

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