June 12: Nigeria needs restructuring, Lagos coalition tells Buhari

MKO Abiola and Buhari (R)


MKO Abiola and Buhari (R)

As the nation prepares for the maiden celebration of June 12, 2019, as Democracy Day against May 29, the June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations has insisted that the true answer to the myriad of challenges bedeviling the country was restructuring of its polity.

Chairman of the Coalition, Comrade Linus Okoroji, briefing journalists at the weekend in Lagos, as parts of activities lined up for the June 12 commemorative anniversary, traced the nation’s challenges to its political structure which he said was Federal in theory but unitary in practice.

To address this, he called on the Federal Government to set up a Constituent Committee that would be charged with the responsibility to review and harmonize various national conference reports till date, including the PRONACO draft constitution.

The committee according to him, should also issue a white paper for the implementation of the recommendations for the democratic Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Though, he applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s effort at declaring June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day, 25 years after its agitation by the coalition, he added that there was still some unfinished business bothering on national issues which the June 12 mandate sought to address.

MKO Abiola cheering the crowd

He said, “As we get set to commemorate the June 12 anniversary we need to ask ourselves how far have we come in our democratic journey to addressing the real problems confronting our country which the June 12 mandate sought to address, such as the critical national questions?”

“In seeking the mandate of the Nigeria people on June 12, 1993, late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale, MKO, Abiola visualized as his political slogan, Farewell to Poverty.

“The Nigerian state is bedeviled with a myriad of challenges which can be traced to the political structure of the country which is Federal in theory but unitary in practice and this was one of the cardinal issues that the June 12 Presidential mandate seeks to address.