Johny drille declares his mind about shirtless picture


Johny drille a mavin artist with lots of hits has reveal his mind about shirtless pictures

He said: I really do hate shirtless pictures as I think it shows someone has an unimportant person,I am a cool guy as you all know and I must remain cool and I don’t want and I will never be a raz and indecent man by revealing my body to the public .

The fans replied by telling him to give them one shirtless picture and they will really appreciate it and after then he shouldn’t list any shirtless picture anymore,Johny drille reacted to this and went ahead to post his picture without shirt saying :

Even though I hate pictures showing my body but I don’t have a choice now that those people that made my body worth seeing and face cool to people are demanding for what they make,their opinion is far more better than mine and they have full authority over my body and myself as they make me what I am today.

This really got the fans and they are very happy with the singer Johny drille but a man said :

Johny drille ,atleast give us a smiling picture ,you never smile in any of your pictures.

Johny drille was thrilled by this comment and he. Promise to change by giving smiles in his pictures