John Boyega Signs Massive Deal With Netflix To Produce Nollywood Movies For Netflix Catalogue


John Boyega is coming to your screens guys! Yes! That star wars actor has signed a deal with Netflxi to produce exclusive content for the online streaming platform who has just launched in Africa. Here is how John Boyega announced the new partnership:

His words;

I am thrilled to announce that my production company, UpperRoom Productions, will be partnering with Netflix International, to develop a slate of non English feature films. Our initial focus will be on African stories, specifically Nigerian and Sudanese. An intrinsic part of our DNA as a company has always been to produce authentic content, that gives a true voice to perspectives and narratives from all over the world. It’s important that we take charge of telling our stories, and with this deal, we will do just that. My team (@msyarashaikh & @runyararo_m) and I are excited to develop original material, as well as remaster Nollywood classics. We are proud to grow this arm of our company, with a platform that shares our vision. Very excited @netflix !!

We are really looking forward to this one and a massive congrats to John Boyega on securing this deal with Netflix