Joburg dealership refused to sell a Mini Copper to Jub Jub


A Johannesburg BMW dealership confirmed that they refused to sell a Mini Copper to Jub Jub because of his history with the car.

“He could go buy it somewhere else but all the official BMW dealerships won’t let him buy the car”. Said Vin Pillay a marketing manager at the dealership that turned down Jub Jub in broad daylight.

“That man is bad for business, the Mini Copper sales tanked after his incident and we are only starting to gain momentum again he decided he wants one, hell no. We are already lawyered up if he will try something funny. We will not sell our car to Jub Jub period.”

Pillay said as the head of marketing he will do anything to protect the brand. “If people see him driving our car they are going to think we support what he did. That guy cannot be trusted with a Mini Copper, we can sell him other cars, not a Mini”

Pillay is referring to the incident that got Jub Jub locked up for years. Jub Jub who killed school children while drag-racing and high on cocaine was found guilty and did his time. We reached out to Jub Jub real name Molemo Maarohanye for comment and he only said “bayanya labo” and disconnected the call.

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