Jidenna Worth the weight: Lyrics, reactions and where to download the amazing track

Jidenna worth the weight: Lyrics, reactions and where to download the amazing track

Jidenna just dropped his amazing 85 to Africa album that has gained so many fans in just a few days. One of the hit tunes in the album’s tracklist is the Jidenna – Worth the Weight tune that is definitely ‘worth the weight’. 

watch the video below:

The video to this track happens to be the first video in the 85 to Africa album, and let’s just say this, it is something quite special.

Jidenna – Worth the Weight description

Release date: 23rd August 2019

Format: Audio, video

Length: 3 minutes 21 seconds

Genre: Hip-hop

Album: 85 to Africa

Video directed by: Wesley Isaías Walker.

The Bambi hitmaker has yet again shown us that this is his year of making major moves. His new album is already a favourite among many, and looking at the tracklist, you will understand why.

Jidenna – Worth the Weight comments and reactions

Do people love this song? Here are some of the comments left on YouTube by the song’s listeners:

Hyrum Secody: Jidenna was just testing the water before, aint no stopping young brotha now

Good morning Africa: We Are Africans….. If you haven’t subscribed to Jidenna channel or share is songs _what re yu waitin 4 blood?

David Mku ugwuanyi: I’m happy you are proud African man , you believe in quality than quantity . I am sure if you do it American way , your views will be massive . but you keep it real instead of faking it . God will reward us Africans.

James Anderson: This video is giving me Ancestral vibes . Oh gosh. Jidenna is reclaiming his African / Igbo heritage. And the powerful Pan African message…

The Thirty Journey: The shift is powerful as hell….Listen to the words in this song!!! I couldn’t be more happy to see this man find his way back home (internally) and bring us along for the ride. Dude vibrating high…speaking in tongues…reppin roots and all. So #worththeweight…

Jayden Eskridge: Jidenna represent african The Black Afeican Prince

natasha hillocks: Jidenna makes me proud to be Nigerian and I’m not even Nigerian.

Xavier King: Jidenna and his team are really not playing with this album’s rollout. This is how it’s supposed to be. Marketing on point! I’m ready…

Raven Aurora Callahan: When you watch the transformation and evolution of Jidenna from the Classic Man (King status) to savage ancestral prince (God mode) and it brings your ENTIRE soul to life!…

Kiliana Hakweenda: Jidenna’s album is poppin..This guy is talented man

Nicholas Snyder: Savage, African modern day Slick Rick with the story telling and message song dope.always much love big fan

phinehaz worldwide: Keep up bro,you realiest, keep featuring Africa and keep being Igbo, kuti dreams live in seun kuti , one love brothers

Qubilah Jones: This is the music we need right now. Music with a message..


who martez: Fasho gonna walk out to this when I fight. There’s next level then there’s transcendence. I love all of you my Bothas and sistas

RottedDollFace: I was honestly thinking about this man few days ago….and look…still making awesome music, and looking as handsome as usual…

MicMan: Great video and song!!! Loving the culture recognition and strength

Jidenna – Worth the Weight lyrics

Sing along to this masterpiece using the following lyrics:


People, confusion going on

Why don’t we just learn how to live with one another?

It’s not really impossible, why do we have to make it so hard?

With so much pollution and erasion, why? Why?

If we can learn how to live with one another, then we can learn who is going to take the weight?

Wait, I think that you’ll find it

Wait, wait, I think that you’ll find it

Wait, wait, I think that you’ll find it

[Verse 1]

Yeah, yeah

I go for the record, I don’t just go for the medals, bro

Niggas used to know that we stronger than the devil, bro

Since I buried Papa in the village with the shovel, bro

Every move is bold, ain’t no time for bein’ subtle, bro

In the face of evil, I can find the needle, haystack

Could have freed my people if this weed was legal way back

Popo spun the wheel on misfortune, but I ain’t play that

They come round and pat-pat-pat us down but I ain’t say

jack I escaped the trap, I escaped the cubicles, bro

I escaped the drive by’s, drop the funerals, bro

And I beat the case, and I beat the chase, woah woah

Can I keep the pace? Can I keep the pace ? I’on

know I escaped them tryna bleach a nigga’s

brain Coulda went to Wall Street, instead I built up my own

lane Rather have a street in my own

name Or money with my face on it like I’m Prince Arcane


You not gon’ see me frowning in these days and times, you see, the days of the Oyinbo man are numbered like football Jerseys

We all know that all of our suffering and smiling has been worth the wait!

[Verse 2]

My nigga, who knew?

Who knew that that boy from Enugu with the booboo on his knee (Knee)

Back then was actin’ like a poodle on a leash (Leash)

One day he’d have to learn the juju on the streets (Streets)

Starin’ at death, like, is your shooters gonna squeeze? (Squeeze)

Freeze, please

As a little boy slanging chains back in Chinatown

Thinkin’ to myself, I’ma build a block at [?] town wit’ my, wit’ my, wealth

And I pray that I’m the brightest sound that you ever felt

I’ma take a million flights around, ’til that s**t is felt

That’s that lead the way, ayy

That’s no piece of cake, ayy

That’s that troll online that live inside the tree all day, ayy

That’s that he so gay, ayy

That’s that she so fake, ayy

That’s that insecure, ayy

That’s that Issa Rae, ayy


You do you, me do me

So long as you don’t fuss wit’ we (We, baby)


I believe it’s time for an African peoples powered highway. A highway that will connect the Diaspora and Motherland. A global highway for African people all over the world to rediscover themselves. To remember that the only thing that unites black people, globally, the only thing we all have in common is that we are from Africa

Jidenna – Worth the Weight download

If you would like to download or stream this tune, there are many platforms that you can use. Some of them are:

Jidenna – Worth the Weight download on Spotify

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Jidenna – Worth the Weight download on. Amazon Music

Jidenna – Worth the Weight download on Google Play

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