Jennifer Aniston’s fans go crazy as she shares morning after photo of her dress


Jennifer Anisto’s fans went wild as she shared snapshot of the dress — a drapey ivory gown — laid over a bathtub along with the heels she wore and her SAG Actor statue that she won for her role as Alex Levy in “The Morning Show”.

The actress shared two photos of herself after her SAG Awards win on Sunday.

But the morning after photo of Jennifer was mischievously taken by her fans as they responded to the post with hilarious remarks.

One of her fan went wild and wrote: ‘Hope Brad took that dress off!’ with others joking that the photo was taken by Brad Pitt.

The 50-year-old actress also posted another photo of herself lying down in the back of a car as she returning from the award show after winning the gala

Jennifer Aniston was revealing how she kept the gorgeous gown she wore to the SAG Awards Sunday night. She admitted that doing so was “harder than it looks.”

Jennifer captioned the post.”No wrinkles… harder than it looks! Somewhere between these two photos, my peers gave me a gift I will cherish and a night I will never forget.”

“Thank you sagawards, themorningshow, and our incredible cast and crew,” Aniston added, ready to begin on season two. “Let’s get back to work!”