Jenifer Lopez’ new movie ‘Hustlers’ banned in Malaysia because it’s packed with ‘obscene content’ making it unsuitable for Malaysian audience


Malaysia has banned the hit new movie by Jennifer Lopez titled ‘Hustlers’.

Censors criticised the film about strippers for its ‘obscene content’ not suitable for cinema-goers in the conservative country. The star-studded movie billed as a female ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is about how New York strippers turned the tables on wealthy businessmen during the financial crisis.

The real-life tale depicts how a group of women resorted to increasingly criminal tactics, such as spiking men’s drinks before emptying their bank accounts, as the stock market crash hit strip club receipts.

Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board however banned the movie from cinemas, saying it would have to make so many cuts to racy scenes there would be barely anything left to screen.

‘This film contains too many scenes with too much excessive obscene content, and is not suitable for public screening,’ the board’s chairman Mohamad Zamberi Abdul Aziz told AFP.

‘We can see women’s breasts and mens’ private parts. There are also erotic dances which are too much, and scenes (with drugs).’

Square Box Pictures, the film’s distributor in Malaysia, confirmed the ban in an Instagram post: ‘We deeply apologise for the inconveniences caused to our beloved followers, fans of the movie, medias and partners.’