Jellybum fires her hater


Jellybum has taken a dig back at a hater whom she said had for over a year been making jokes using her art and obviously her source of lively hood to crack jokes.

when real men see a lady hustling legit they appreciate and want to support her but obviously Mr @socialoutcastUG as is his name on Instagram is not a real man making dry jokes using the art and livelihood of a woman.

she makes a living from workout shows and this hater has used picture of her workout pose to crack a joke about how girls who hear that iPhone 11 has been released Begin to workout.

She replied to this post from this hater putting him where he rightly belongs ,as she said

“If I jump from common sense to your level it will be suicide ” and a “you sir have been marinated in stupidity”

I mean how do some people sleep after hurting others delebrately so much.