Jeannie Mai Says She Wants To Be Rapper Jeezy’s Baby Mama


The Real Host Jeannie Mai seems to have changed her mind and now ready to have kids with rapper Jeezy.

The online air personality divorced her then husband Freddy Harteis because she told him that she didn’t want to have any children.

But that was two years ago, and she’s now ready to be Jeezy’s baby mama. And all it took was and adorable instagram picture.

Days ago, Gabrielle Union’s adorable daughter Kaavia celebrated her first birthday, and Gabby shared a few photos from their family celebration.

Jeannie then commented under the image: “Dear God, what are you doing to my uterus, dude.”

And a fan responded saying : “I can’t even count how many times I heard you say you don’t want any kids now this. the right man will make you want them, kids, to pooh.

Another added that “You and Jeezy need to make a baby, and y’all would make a beautiful baby. Love you two together.”

The 41 revealed on The Real last month that she’s frozen her eggs. She’s also made it clear that she doesn’t ever want to get married again. Hopefully, she’ll start a family with rapper Jeezy.