Jaruma Empire Spills the Dirty Secrets of Miwa Kayatama goddess


Jaruma Empire and Miwa Kayamata goddess allegedly are not friends. Even though they are into thesame kind of business which was today confirmed by Hauwa Saidu Mohammed known as Jaruma is a Nigerian sex therapist, entrepreneur and founder of Jaaruma Empire Limited.

Jaruma earlier today took to her Instagram handle to express her displeasure over the attitude of her fellow colleague who using media to spoil the products others.

Although Jaruma wasn’t specific as to whom she was talking about, but people in the know how fingered that Miwa Kayamata goddess fits the perfect description on Jaruma’s page.

Apparently the game of rivalry and a society of dogs eating dogs keeps growing worst by the day from offices to business environ.

Below are some of the secrets exposed by Jaruma;

“People hate u just as much as they hate me! Everybody has everybody’s gist BUT U DONT SEE ME PAYING @instablog9ja TO WRITE SHIT ABOUT U, UR ABORTION AT 5 MONTHS & how many Men left u in just 1 year???? (claiming u had a miscarriage YOU LIE) U had an abortion BECAUSE U CAN NOT EXPLAIN TO UR FOLLOWERS A CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK & THE KAYAN MATA UR SELLING CAN NOT HOLD & KEEP ANY MAN…!!! The blog has so much dirt on everybody BUT NO DIRT ON U RIGHT???? Why???? Because u are 5 & 6 right???? PEOPLE HATE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS THEY HATE ME SO WE WILL BE UR OWN BLOG & U WILL TELL US HOW IT FEELS….!!!!

“THIS IS THE REASON WHY NO MAN CAN STAY WITH YOU!!!!! Upon all ur BEAUTY that u brag about, u DESPERATELY wanted to marry the father of ur 5 months pregnancy 🤰 BUT NIGGER DUMPED UR ASS…!!! 12 DIFFERENT MEN LEFT U IN 1 SINGLE YEAR???? Because u are too EVIL…!!! AGBAYA BIG FOR NOTHING MRS BEAUTIFUL MURDERER QUEEN OF ABORTIONS 🤮 Only u, u de fight with EVERYONE & everyone is avoiding u like a PLAGUE…!!!! ☠️❌”

“People hate you just as much as they hate me SO STOP! JUST STOP IT BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW ITS YOU DOING THAT SHIT….!!!” She said