Japanese woman catches coronavirus twice


A Japanese woman has become the first person in the world to catch coronavirus twice, confirming fears previously expressed by scientist.

The woman who is a tour-bus guide from Osaka has become infected by coronavirus for a second time, as the number of confirmed cases in Japan rose by 16 to 186, in addition to the 704 diagnosed from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Scientists has previously feared that immunity caused by the disease could be relatively short lived.

The fact people can get the disease twice in a fairly short period of times heightens the potential impact of the disease.

Dr Babak Ashrafi, from UK-based online doctor Zava, explained how it has been difficult to predict how the relatively new strain would act over time. He told MetroOnline;

“Experts are busy gathering information from those who have become infected to see how well their immune systems react and how long they’ll remain immune,”

“We do know that when you catch a virus, your body learns how to fight it off.

“However, like our minds, our bodies can forget over time how to do this and immunity can wear off over time after initial infection.”