“Jada is also an understanding woman” – Netizens drag Wizkid for shading Chioma and Davido

Wizkid has had netizens at the edge of their seats with his recent tweets, and they aren’t too happy about it.

Recall that the singer had made a tweet, stating that he would be offering up prayers for ‘understanding women’.

This singular tweet caused a lot of chaos, with netizens affiliating it to him being shady towards Davido and Chioma.

Some celebrities even called him out over the acts.

Netizens also chirped in, and here’s what they had to say;

keishawesley1_ wrote, “This included the women he impregnated aswell!!! A prayer for them all”

Netizens drag Wizkid for shading Chioma and Davido.
kemqute wrote, “Jada sef na understanding woman na……I’m sure hes not only referring to chioma”

pf_luxe wrote, “I’m an FC but this is so uncalled for allow the woman breath”

Netizens drag Wizkid for shading Chioma and Davido.
quin_uju wrote, “He should release the music already,these tweets are becoming boring and unnecessary”

purple_rain wrote, “Wizkid this tweet isn’t necessary now pls it’s not fair, allow the woman to rest pis”

tomisin_al wrote, Coming for the woman who has done nothing wrong when you can literally drag the guy is uncalled for sha”

megachef_ng wrote, “It’s not even funny”

makkie_bee wrote, “Wizkid be acting immature! Wish them well and move on Sir!”

_gifty114 wrote, “Jada sef nah understand woman”

real_fave wrote, “Popsy lol get views pass Davido pre wedding pics”

joyceronke wrote, “Throwing stones when you live in a glass house”

sylvia_zoeee wrote, “Include your punching bag Anumanu”

official_lordhero wrote, “Jada too nha understand gf bro promise her a marriage since 2011”

sho_sho wrote, “I don’t care for Davido or Wizkid but this here is the lowest of lows! Leave that woman out of your beef! She’s done nothing wrong to you!!! And this is coming from a man who is married to or cohabiting with his grandma, sorry, baby mama”

sisioge wrote, “Throwing stones when you live in a glass house has to be the wildest thing I’ve seen on the gram today”

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