Iyabo Ojo turns Herbal over the Scare of Coronavirus


The Nigeria female Yoruba actress has diverted to herbal medicine over the scare of coronavirus. The beautiful mother of two has demonstrated how to clear lung and airways like our forefathers have been and there was no sickness. She wrote” I saw this an heard it was good for prevention of this covid- 19. I remember our parents in those days, once you had any form of cold, blocked nose, cough, fever, or any form of malaria. The will boil ago ina or rodo in hot water and cover us in the steam&it worked the old fashioned way then so I decided to try it

out myself again myself all the Ingredient listed & I really feel good doing it. This is my second time it definitely will clear your throat If you have anything there.so while we wash our hands, sanitize it and stay at home

Many people will be bringing their first-generation ideas out as the coronavirus spread is increasing daily.