Iyabo Ojo rain curses on followers involved in impersonation

Nollywood actress Alice Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has went on outrage on Instagram to rain curses on all of followers who got involved in impersonation and scam.

The 41-year old went live on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon, revealing that a lady called her yesterday and asked her, if she (Iyabo Ojo) was truly on Facebook.

The lady whose name was withheld, told Iyabo Ojo, that she had been communicating with her on Facebook and she was the one, who linked her to another actor, Mike Ezeruonye, who eventually got £300 (#130,000) from her through their supposed dating.

Iyabo Ojo has refuted those claims and advised her followers not to communicate with any other account apart from her Instagram account which is verified.

“I only have one Facebook account which is connected to this Instagram account, and I hardly go there. It’s shocking to see a lady call me a scam, because she was scammed by a fake ‘Mike Ezeruonye’ on Facebook, claiming I linked her up”. Iyabo said.

“Anyone who try to destroy or slander my name, Ogun and thunder will strike that person because I don’t understand why people are so dumb, stupid and intelligent. Celebrities don’t have time to interact on social media and we all work for our money. Even my kids can give you £1000, and you are accusing me of being involved in a £300 scam”. She ranted on Instagram.