Ivory Coast returnee sneaks out of Osun coronavirus isolation centre to meet friends


One of the Côte d’Ivoire returnees, identified as Alaska, was said to have sneaked out of the isolation centre in Ejigbo, Osun State, to socialise with friends in the town.

According to a source, one Sheriff, the young man sneaked out of the facility at night before the first set of three tested returned positive.

However, the state government denied any breach on the facility.

The Côte d’Ivoire returnees were said to have arrived the isolation centre around 3a.m. last Saturday, while the said Alaska sneaked out on Sunday evening and returned on Monday.

Twelve out of the 71 that were tested have been confirmed positive, while 56 more results from the samples are being awaited.

Meanwhile, three of the first 24 tested for the virus was confirmed positive on Tuesday, which sparked panic in the town.

Sheriff added that “it is now an open secret that one of them by the name Alaska had sneaked out of their isolation centre to mix with his larger family and indeed the public. After the breach was discovered, Alaska was apprehended and he tested positive.

“Only God knows the magnitude of the dangers that Alaska would have imposed on his family, which he was exposed to and the rest population of Ejigbo and Osun State?

“I recall that I have brought attention to this development some eight days ago, when I called on the government of Osun State to show great seriousness on influx from the Ivory Coast to Ejigbo.”

Another source told Vanguard that the guy actually breached the facility to reunite with his family and voluntarily returned to be tested after realising the severity of his action.