I’ve never dated those ladies that ask for money, the ladies I meet are usually okay by themselves – Chris Madu

Nigerian event host, Chris Madu, has revealed that he’s never been in a relationship with a woman who asks for money.

He stated via his Twitter account hat he avoids those types that usually message a guy with ‘send me money’.

According to Madu, the kind of ladies he meets are the type who can take care of themselves or have more money than him.

The Master of Ceremony stated this in reaction to an Influencer, Wizarab who chided Nigerian men for making ladies to become entitled.

“Nigerian men are too generous and we have created ingrates. Someone can mock you for sending them a sum of money which they consider little, not because they ordinarily have more than that or get that from home, but because they expect other men to send more. A pandemic,” Wizarab tweeted.

In reaction, Madu wrote; “I have never dated any “send money” kinda lady. The ladies I meet are usually okay by themselves. And most times better off. And I never present myself as what I am not.”


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