“I’ve never been in love before, I would like to be in love, to experience something deep” – Tems

Popular Nigerian singer, Temilade Openiyi popularly known as Tems, has opened up on her views on love, revealing that she has never been in love before.

The 28-year-old singer shared her thoughts during a discussion on a recent episode of the Flow With Korty show.

Tems expressed her disagreement with the popular saying “love is blind.”  According to her, love is not a feeling experienced blindly but rather a conscious choice made with full awareness.

“I haven’t been in love,” Tems said. “Loving someone for me is more of ‘I see you and I still want to be in your life. Even though you annoy me sometimes, I choose you and I choose you.’ I would like to be in love, to experience something deep but really real, not blind. I don’t believe that love is blind; I think if you really love someone you’re loving them with your eyes open.”

She further elaborated that people often confuse infatuation with love.

According to Tems, true love involves seeing and accepting a person’s flaws and still wanting to be with them.

“If you’re blind, that is not love,” she added. “Love is when you’ve seen the person, their flaws are visible, and you’re like, ‘I still want it. I still want that.’ I want someone to see my imperfections and still desire to be with me.”

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