“It’s very wrong” – Activist Jidex blasts influencer Saida BOJ for telling ladies to ask guys for money 24hrs after meeting them (Video)

Activist Jidex in a recent video blasts the living daylight out of influencer Saida BOJ for telling ladies to ask guys for money 24hours after meeting them.

Saida BOJ while featuring as a guest on the audio-visual podcast “The Honest Bunch” hosted by media personality Nedu and co-podcasters said her talking stage with a man can’t be more than 24 hours / a day.

Speaking further, Saida Boj said that if a man woo her in the morning, she would proceed to bill him in the the evening so as to know if she is capable as she doesn’t want any man to add to the stress she is already going through in life.

Moving on during the interview, Saida BOJ any man who toasted her should pay her for being beautiful within 24hours as asserts that she spent so much on skin care. She noted that it is a brokeman thinking for a man not to pay her for being beautiful, a situation that almost led to a fight between her and Nedu

Saida BOJ further added that she can’t date a broke guy. She averred that if a man doesn’t send her up to N500k for a start during the talking stage, then he’s cheap.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video above videos, Jidex was in a fuming state as he referred to Saida BOJ as a useless and hungry lady for asking a guy for money 24hrs after meeting them.

Jidex asked Saida BOJ how she would feel if a man asked him for $ex within 24hours after meeting her. He said that Saida BOJ is not beautiful as she claims while causing her of misleading younger generation.

In his words; “its very wrong for a Lady to ask a Guy for money just Barely 24hours after Meeting Him except she is an Hungry Girl, How would you feel if a Guy wants to sleep with you just barely 24hours after Meeting you, Any Young lady who takes you as a Role Model is in very Big Trouble.”

Watch the video below;

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