It’s okay to want to marry a rich man, but just try to be rich too – Peruzzi advises ladies


Nigerian singer Peruzzi has given a piece of advice to ladies eyeing rich men and wishing or planning to get married to rich men to get rich themselves.

According to him, it’s okay if a lady wants to marry a rich man but the only condition is for the lady to make sure she’s also rich as the man she wants to marry so it will choke.

Every lady would love to have a wealthy or well to do man for a husband but singer Peruzzi has attached a condition to that to make sure you the lady going in for a rich man is also rich as well.

This might not sound good in the ears of some ladies but he might be right because of late men also want hard-working and well to do women as wives and not the ones that will depend on them always.

Screenshot below;