“It’s not an expensive wedding that makes a great marriage” – Video of couple who spent less than N100k on wedding ceremony trends online (Watch)

A beautiful couple reportedly spent $200 (N92,088.00) on their wedding when they tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony to seal their love and live as husband and wife.

The groom sported a fine suit while the bride wore a dress with traps that revealed maximum skin, the two are seen standing before the court marriage officer looking gorgeous for the nonreligious occasion.

According to the voice-over speaking in the footage, the ceremony took only ten minutes. The video of the duo has gone viral, raking in more than 800,000 views with thousands of comments.

Watch the clip below:

Reactions below….

@FBA_Makandal said: Something I will do. I would instead save up to buy my queen a house as a wedding gift.

@muar wrote:It’s not an expensive wedding that makes a great marriage

@melafela posted: I trust this wedding more than any extravagant affair, as there is no correlation between the wedding size and the marriage’s length and quality. Bravo to this couple. I wish them the best.

@Schmuley230 posted: I married at the courthouse & “reception” at home with only family & very close friends. Home-cooked food. An expensive wedding is not a reflection of a successful marriage.

@imperious_jazz commented: I always say do what works best for your family & household. Ignore what others are talking about or doing. What works for others may not work for you, and vice versa.

@NoAverageJoint commented: I know a couple that went all out for a wedding and divorced before it was even paid off. Why? Bc they spent the first year of the marriage fighting over bills. Messed up thing is, as far as personality goes, they were perfect for each other. The split near broke my heart.

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