It’s My Opinion: Our elections reflects our corruption and greed


Nigeria! our elections reflect our corruption and greed as a Nation, our hatred and ineptitude shone bright like the morning sun, we glorify failure and the man with tin god, we vote failure and inept and expect our life to remain better, yet we put round peg in a square hole, we wish to reap where we did not sow, we celebrate ill will, we plant weed and expect cocoyam, yesterday the PDP boasted they would rule(ruin) Naija for 60 years, they perpetuate corruption, rigging, and all sort malpractice, then they crash, now they grow from watchdog to lapdog, their opposition is hardly felt.

APC came with change slogan, then they start to repeat the mistakes of PDP. Election hadly count, abuse, killing, plunder and menace everywhere. Someone say they won’t last beyond 2023, I pray they succeed.

The victims are the political prisoners and the poor masses, though I don’t pity them, they are used to convenience and greed, like d predator waits patiently for it’s prey, when it their turn, they bring out their greed and plunder.

We always pray individually and collectively for God to save this Nation, “God would not change the condition of a people unless they changed their ways” .

It’s time to change our attitude and our way of life as a people, Nigeria needs you.

Dearest reader, what’s your thoughts on this?