It’s My Opinion: Comedy of errors in Edo as vacant seat, declares vacant seats


It is now a rested fact that Godwin Obaseki is politically vapid, absent emotional intelligence and minus leadership skills, because inspite of being the home state of the National Chairman which ought to be a plus for any governor to reap immense patronage and goodwill for his state, the comaradarie that hitherto existed in Edo state APC, has been suffocated, murdered and buried by Obaseki.

The party is fractured and fractioned, even the poor governance we had to endure in the state has ceased, the sociopolitical environment is poisoned, alternatingly comatose or charged, militarized yet insecure, because the governor and his minions are either running around in circles, chasing their own tails or engaging every imaginary foe in a bout of shadow boxing!!!

Obaseki inherited a robust and cohesive state chapter but he has single handedly splintered the party!

Not done, Obaseki has instructed his god-son, the illegal midnight speaker and muppet, Francis Okiye to declare vacant, 14 seats in EDHA. Nevermind that Okiyes seat is itself vacant by virtue of his illegal inauguration & elevation.

Funny enough, by declaring those 14 seats vacant is tacit admission that the god-son’s faction has been lying in claiming they have 12 members on their side. Since the fundamental principle of democracy is majority rule, we can attribute the boldness of this repugnant minority to the backing of their godfather, Godwin Obaseki!

From boasting relentlessly over an unpresedented 24/24 victory, Obaseki has descended shamelessly to presenting a dubious 2020 budget to 10 Interlopers.

My friend wants to know; If the 14 haven’t accepted to be sworn in illegally, aren’t those seats currently VACANT?

Without a sense introspection or irony, Okiye has from his own high but VACANT seat, declared VACANT seats, VACANT!!!

Truly who the gods will humiliate, they first make comedians.

On a positive note, happily *after his ouster in 2020, when the chronicles of Godwin Obaseki’s denouement are written, they will read of betrayal, ingratitude, hubris, unfulfilled promises, brigandage, poor judgement, deception and outright lies, crowned just like his progenitor with eternal shame…