”It’s been 15 years of his marriage and he’s still childless, going to doctors every year” – Lady excited as cousin who sexually harassed her remains childless

A young lady has shared her excitement as she discloses that her cousin who sexually harassed her is childless after 15 years of marriage.

According to the lady, one of her male cousins sexually harassed her while growing up. She disclosed that she prayed to ‘Allah’ to make her cousin childless for sexually harassing her.

According to the young lady, it’s been 15 years since her cousin got married to his wife, and have been moving from one hospital to another for solutions.

The lady confirmed that anytime she sees them suffering for being childless, she gets excited.

“One of my cousins who sexually harassed me I prayed to Allah to not give him kids it’s been 15 years of his marriage and he’s still childless. seeing him suffering, and going to a new doctor every year makes me so happy. I love Allah so much 💗💗”.

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