“It’s an error if you have to call your partner before visiting” – Anita Joseph

Nollywood veteran actress, Anita Joseph has taken to social media to disclose that women who have to put a phone call across to their partners before paying them a visit at their houses, are making a mistake in such relationship.

The businesswoman who spoke about such issue through a video uploaded on her official Instagram page, could be seen looking beautiful in her stunning outfit, as she disclosed that she will never be in a relationship with a man that is fishy and she cannot trust.

According to the mother of one, women will begin to trust their boyfriends when they visit them without asking for their permission, adding that;

“If you have to call your boyfriend before visiting him, my darling, it’s an error”.

Anita Joseph finally advised both men and women that are in a relationship to define their relationships.

According to the businesswoman, people that are in a relationship are supposed to have a spare key to their partners house, adding that a man/woman who wants his/her partner to call before visiting him/her is hiding something.

Speaking further, Anita Joseph revealed that;

“Ask MC fish, when I was dating him, I barge into his house anytime I want, he comes to mine whenever he wants, that’s a true relationship, that’s a defined relationship”.

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